The works I make are forged from the remains of physical and emotional events. Unsettling responses often linked with agony, distress, displacement and sexual controversy are born from these works. They evoke feelings of wanting a secure place to settle with comfort but knowing that it is far from reach. My works echo the feeling of endlessly tumbling in the unstoppable, ever-changing conditions of life. Thematically, I am influenced by the brutality of uncontrollable circumstances, which have the power to cause extinction through environmental disruption. The potential of sexual feelings intensified by longing and challenged by dissent also fuel my inspiration.

The materials utilized in my sculptures are a delight to me and strongly correlate to the narratives of the works. The element of cast concrete is used represent the weight of physical and emotional burdens. Taxidermy embodies the creatures' own tragedies which ultimately lead to vanishing and leaving it to exist only within memories. Other items which are naturally implanted with familiarity and functionality (dining table, shoes, mattresses, etc.) are modified to the extent of being useless for their original purpose and demand a change of direction.

Although the paintings are approached in traditional methods including stretched canvas, copper plates, and oil paint, the content is developed in a menagerie of separate overlapping images. The intention is to create confusion through the distortion of recognizable, vulgar activities occurring within basic habitats. All of the images are extracted from photographic references taken spontaneously at different times.